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I try to strip people of their labels and both simplify & complicate the way they think of any diagnoses they've been given, with of course, some key exceptions. As Natalie points out on our homepage, reliable good health, the kind that shepherds you disease-free through life into ripe old age with clarity of mind, vitality, and both physical & emotional resilience, is really as simple as this: getting the essential stuff in & the poisonous stuff out. (Oftentimes, a gut microflora re-balancing, a Quicksilver type detox, and/or a hormone re-set will be called for.) And then monitoring everything on an annual basis. Some call it functional medicine. I call it enlightened, "ground up" foundational health. And an ounce of prevention is worth... well, frankly it's priceless.

Diagnostic tests I like & use routinely include NutrEval, GI Effects, GI Map, DUTCH, ZRT hormone & neurotransmitter tests, Great Plains Laboratories (urinary) toxicity analyses, Oral DNA, Cyrex Labs. Some of these are available in NJ & PA but not in the state of NY.

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