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Business: Pure Healthy Body
Name: Theresa Nicole
About Pure Healthy Body

Founded by Theresa Nicole, an expert in nutrition and healthy living, Pure Healthy Body began with one idea:
To help men and women achieve their healthiest body so they can extend their life and feel their best.

After years of working as a clinical nutritionist in healthcare facilities, Theresa Nicole now offers health coaching services where she incorporates principles of psychology and spirituality in addition to science when educating her clients.

She helps women who feel bad about their bodies or who struggle with their weight, learn how to meal plan and prepare nutritious food for their family so they can lose the baby weight and fit into their favorite clothes again.

She also helps men with a risk of heart disease and diabetes get their eating patterns back on track so they can lose the gut, reduce their waist size, get their energy back, and extend their life for their wife and children.

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