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About Moon Goddess Adventures, LLC

Is a wellness company that supports individuals and corporations by promoting health and well-being, through holistic health coaching, mind-body wellness programs, mind-body wellness events, holistic nutrition programs, self care education, yoga adventures and inspirational retreats. We specialize in holistic therapeutic care and mind-body spiritual practices. Our network of teachers includes distinguished leaders, engaging speakers and dynamic presenters, all specializing in holistic health and mind body wellness.

We work with individuals, small groups, clinics, hospitals, non-profits, corporations, private groups, schools, universities, colleges, medical centers, sisterhoods, associations, small companies, temples, and churches.

Our specialty is to deliver programs that promote health and well-being, manage stress, prevent disease and restore genuine health. We have an array of holistic and therapeutic programs that utilize mind-body modalities, relaxation therapy, nutritional counseling and the teachings of yoga. Our self care programs, hands on healing, yoga for common ailments and health problems, healing with whole foods and holistic nutrition programs are customized for individuals and corporations to vitalize health and well-being.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower individuals to vitalize their health and well-being. Our goal is to help participants maximize their wellness potential to prevent disease and illness so they can live in balance and thrive. Moon Goddess Adventures incorporates therapeutic health and wellness healing modalities, to motivate and encourage individuals to restore physical health, enhance emotional well-being, fortify mental strength and encourage social wellness to create magnificent healthy lives.

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