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Name: Kari J. Kindem, CFHom
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HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES & KITS plus Banerji & Homeopathic Protocols, Boiron Remedies & Combinations, Cell Salts, Color Remedies, DesBio, Detoxosode, Fibonacci Potencies, Flower Essences, Gels & Creams, Gemmotherapy, Herbal Tinctures, Hyland's, Meditative Proving Remedies, Megapotencies, Narayani, Oligotherapy & Source Resonance Audio Files.

LAB TESTING and NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS including Cell Logic, Genestra, Herb Pharm, Klaire Labs, NANO SOMA®, Nordic Naturals, PectaSol-C®, Pharmax, Professional Formulas, Pure Encapsulations, RNA ReSet, Seroyal, Thorne, Trace Nutrients, UNDA & ZRT LABS for hormone and neurotransmitter home testing.

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