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About Transcend by Monet

Transcend by Monet is an integrative health support system created to disseminate comprehensive information and resources that cultivate health and healing. Clients are provided with the tools and support to transcend all health-related concerns and limitations, such as disease or addiction.

With the latest, cutting-edge research and information, clients will feel confident and supported knowing all of their available options to make informed decisions for themselves and with their medical care providers, as opposed to disempowering reactions based in fear that can often times lead to debilitating consequences and painful, long-term side effects.

Transcend by Monet's problem solving processes seek to address the root cause of an issue-not suppress symptoms. The goal is to assist clients in healing entirely. An integrative mind, body and spirit approach is employed where appropriate and scientifically supported. The least invasive, non-toxic methods available are looked to primarily those modalities and protocols that clients may not have seen or discovered otherwise. However, research is all-inclusive and will encompass all existing options as indicated by clients' preferences.

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