PureCapsPro really can help you make your wellness practice perfect. We provide easy-to-use solutions to improve patient outcomes, increase patient retention and new patient acquisition, and provide you with a revenue model to grow your business.
Create a custom website for your business
First, pick your own website address, then easily add your logo, your office and staff information, blog and more…We'll provide the practice management tools you'll need such as an extensive health library and Virtual Visit – a feature that allows you to send education materials, product recommendations, reminders, etc. to your patients.
Customize your online natural pharmacy
Choose the products you want to offer to your patients by selecting from our catalog of professional-grade health supplements. Our e-commerce solution includes website hosting and maintenance, secure shopping cart, credit card processing and fulfillment.
Share your website with patients
Start earning additional practice revenue immediately with remuneration on all product sales - all without having to stock a single product.
According to your numbers above, you currently earn per month in your practice.

The interactive slider bar below illustrates the additional monthly revenue you could be earning if just patients, or % were to use your PureCapsPro website in addition to purchasing from your in office dispensary.

more per month

The monthly revenue model above (slider bar) is based on gross sales. Net remuneration to practitioners is based on an average of 30% of this gross sales figure.
Reach new patients and improve existing patient care with an easy to build and robust practice website. Build your practice and improve revenue with online practice management tools and an online dispensary stocked with physician-exclusive products. Already have a website or an in-house dispensary? PureCapsPro will set up systems for refills, reminders and communication for patient compliance.
PureCapsPro is designed to save time, not waste it. There is no need to install special software or invest in complicated systems that take up your valuable time. Literally within minutes, your dispensary will be up and running. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself,
Build patient trust and transparency by recommending evidence-based products approved by your practice, with supporting patient literature. Proprietary Virtual Visit technology makes it easy to communicate with your patients for offsite follow-up care.
All-inclusive, full-scale credit card processing, dispensing, inventory management, drop shipping, invoicing, and patient reminders, with personalized and secure customer-support. It's no wonder PureCapsPro is the #1 choice with healthcare professionals -