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Tips to Restore Your Skinís Glow This Winter

Chapped and cracked skin is all too common during the colder months and can put a damper on your style. While skin inevitably gets drier during the winter due to the low humidity, your soap may be adding to your woes by stripping your skin of its natural oils, reducing your protective moisture barrier. Fortunately for your skin, the Wall Street Journal reported on some tips to keep you smooth and soft throughout the winter:

  • Try using an oil-based body or face cleanser. These cleansers contain lipids, which mimic the skinís composition to help maintain moisture, and gently wash off the dayís build-up without stripping away skin's natural protective oils.
  • Follow dermatologistsí advice and use cleansers sparingly: donít use cleansers on your arms and legs every dayójust wash the parts that really need it, like your underarms.
  • Seal in moisture by applying a ceramide-rich cream or quick-absorbing dry oil after your shower while youíre still wet.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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