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Pregnenolone by Pure Encapsulations
Pregnenolone, a natural precursor to over 150 steroid hormones, helps support the immune system, mood and memory.Warning: Consult your physician before taking this product. May cause drug interactions or other serious complications.

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ADR Formula® by Pure Encapsulations
Offers broad-spectrum nutritional support to the functioning of the adrenal glands. This formula enhances both the effects and production of certain adrenal hormones and maintains a healthy immune response.
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Optimal health and wellness is our right as humans. It is often hard to decipher how or when we may have lost it and gotten off track. At Naturally Nourished we are committed to helping you find your way back to wellness learning how to thrive vs. simply survive. Most medical treatment simply addresses the tip of the iceberg ignoring the significant conditions below the surface. The cause of many diseases including diabetes, fibromyalgia, cancer, autoimmune conditions, and digestive concerns are physiological imbalances below the surface causing systemic dysfunction. We work to identify unknown irritants, correct inflammatory imbalances, and restore an optimal digestive environment, and provide necessary nutrients for ideal functionality. Addressing the underlying "root" causes with your Naturally Nourished practitioner has a significant impact on the restoring the body towards lifelong optimal health. Functional integrative medicine looks at treating people as biochemically unique individuals vs. diseases. It addressing the health and balance of the entire being vs. silencing a symptom. The medicinal and clinical powers of natural foods and holistic medicine are well documented however, the temptation of straying from a nutrition plan is great and unfortunately, all too often compliance can be poor. It is difficult to find a plan that is successful enough to maintain motivation and realistic to stick to for a long-term approach. We know holistic medicine, lifestyle changes, and dietary improvements work, but the idea of exercise, diet, and lifestyle restrictions are not always appealing. This is where Naturally Nourished services come into play. We will thoroughly determine your needs, develop a customized meal plan, and provide nutrition education to ensure that you have the support to achieve AND sustain your wellness! Naturally Nourished will develop your fully integrated wellness program focusing on abundance rather than restriction or avoidance!

We are located in Houston, TX home of the world's largest medical center known for innovation, research, education, and scientific discovery. Our practice uses functional integrative medicine to treat the root causes of chronic conditions and promote optimal wellness from the foundation of each being to create individualized sustainable outcomes. We have a team of nutrition practitioners that can develop an intervention and treatment protocol to promote wellness, symptom resolution and disease management with food-as-medicine.

Naturally Nourished was founded by Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE who has an education from Bastyr University, renowned as America's most clinically-sound Naturopathic College, continued training from the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), and experience with some of the world's top Medical Institutes including MD Anderson, Texas Children's Hospital, Methodist Hospital, and various private practices.

At Naturally Nourished, our skilled and compassionate practitioners work to address each individual as a unique complex web, working to understand imbalance and address the triggers with lifestyle, nutritional, and dietary intervention. We work with clients both locally in our Houston office in Montrose and as distant clients both national and international through phone, skype, web, and facetime.
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