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Dr. Timothy Ellington is a native of Omaha, NE. After having a successful career in Sales and Marketing, he decided to pursue his love and passion for herbalism. Ever since he was a child he has always been fascinated with nature and the healing properties of herbs. After receiving his certification in herbalism, he attended K.M.E. University and received his DhBK in Herbal Theology. He is also certified in Energy Healing, Chinese Finger Nail and Tongue Analysis and is currently studying Clinical Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Ellington believes, our body was designed to thrive in this world. Every part of it was made to work in harmony with every other part, and the whole was meant to help you, as an individual, thrive and live in health. If your body is not performing optimally and you are experiencing poor health, it is because something is interfering with its ability to do its job.

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