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Dr. Sharon Belhamel is a naturopath at GlobeCoRe, Inc. Naturopathy is considered to be a Complementary and Alternative (CAM) form of treatment that focuses on natural remedies and the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. The Naturopathic practice is based on six underlying principles: (1) the healing power of nature, (2) first do no harm, (3) treat the cause, (4) treat the whole person, (5) doctor as teacher, and (6) prevention. Dr. Belhamel focuses on utilizing holistic approaches to address symptoms of depression, anxiety, substance abuse problems, family problems, and general health problems through the use of dietary and lifestyle counseling, individual and family counseling, herbal supplements, nutritional recommendations, and wellness and prevention exercises to help improve relationships, stimulate and improve a person’s immunity, and repair the body’s ability to function.

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