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About Kristin Clague Reihman MD LLC

I am a Family Doctor with additional training in Medical Acupuncture and Integrative & Holistic Medicine. These tools, along with my background as a board-certified family physician, allow me to weave together best practices from many healing disciplines. I believe health is restored most effectively when illness is seen as an opportunity for growth and transformation. I am passionate about empowering others to connect with their intuitive knowing as they navigate the terrain of illness, injury, imbalance, and the vulnerability that comes with all three. I have a knack for helping others connect to their inherent strengths and unique gifts.

My approach focuses on gaining a deep understanding of each person who seeks my advice so that together, we can better understand not only the root causes that have set the stage for health problems, but also how to transform and move beyond them into vibrant health. My areas of interest and study include Five Element Acupuncture, relationship-centered care, Lyme and co-infections, Autonomic Response Testing, WHEE, mold injury, and dealing with hidden food sensitivities, so that one can use foods to create an easier and more natural road to health.

Your healing process is very important to both of us. Because our time together makes up an important part of that process, I am not able to accept any insurances, including Medicare, as they place unhelpful restrictions on that important time. My hourly rate is $150, with discounts available for multiple sessions and special circumstances.

If you have a health project you would like to discuss with me, or if you would like to schedule a session, please email: I look forward to getting to know you!

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