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Changing the Comfort Zone
Hello again ASC followers, friends, and family! So, for those of you that follow our Action Sports Chiropractic Newsletter, a few of these blogs may look at bit familiar! But for the rest of you, I'm hoping they'll help provide a bit of motivation and information to help keep your lifestyle active and enjoyable!

So has the spring fever set in yet? If it hasn't, you must not be looking outside much! Here in the San Diego area, we are absolutely blessed with ju
st about every outdoor activity we could hope for right at our feet. (Or at a very short drive down the road.) However, every once in a while I still come across people that say they really don't like being outdoors. (Yes, we all probably know at least one "I hate the beach because I don't like sand between my toes" people. ). Whichever category you fall into, here's the challenge I propose to you this month, at the very start of the warm weather season: Get out of your comfort zone.

What exactly do I mean by that? Well, it's pretty simple really. If you're a gym rat, try committing to an outdoor boot camp on
ce a week. If you usually only run on the road, take yourself out to trying a few new trails. If you can only do chair yoga, ask for assistance in getting a favorite chair or blanket out to a park. If you usually take a spin class, borrow a bike and check out some of the beautiful bike paths in the La Jolla and RSF areas. Or, if you're already an outdoor enthusiast, why not check out one of the many local organizations that helps to maintain those great trails/coves/beaches/parks you love to frequent? 

Notice, however, there is a theme here aside from just doing something a little different to challenge yourself. Just be outside! Better air exchange, a little Vitamin D stimulation, and just the exchange with nature can all help to improve our state of well being and lower our levels of stress.
A little bit of variation can do wonders for motivation levels. So, give it a shot and see how your body and mind may thank you!

Yours in Health and Success, 
Dr. Katrina
Submitted on: 4/29/2011
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