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Colleen McCarthy RDN, LD, CLT,. I am a dietitian and an intuitive health coach. As a funtional and integrative dietitian working with the immune system and gut health, I love creating possibilities for special clients who desire something more in their life. They really appreciate that I get to know who they are as a person when we work together, and how that we can actually have fun while doing it! At the end of the day what they really get is a refreshed perspective and relationship with their body, because I’m more than just intuitive health coach, I’m someone than they can trust as they move through the work. It’s hard work, but totally worth it, because as I create for others I step into my own authentic power as I uplift them, they uplift me. My work empowers women to discover their whole body health with customized coaching programs that create healing habits. We work together from the inside out as a way to connect to their intuition and explore what brings them true nourishment. I help women to create a better relationship with their body, to move away from diet mentality, become in tune with their body, helping to cultivate the direct experience of what your body needs here and now. I use nutrition as self care, using a model much like intuitive eating, but including a few more shifts to creating lasting change. Really integrating your inner and outter worlds is key to creating harmony and success. Small steps towards your goals and intentions are how you create lasting change, a healthy lifestyle and freedom from ever dieting again!

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