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Business: Journey for Wellness - Center for Natural Family Health
Name: Christine Gallagher
Phone: 970-812-6356
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About Journey for Wellness - Center for Natural Family Health

Journey for Wellness - Center for Natural Family Health features natural means of wellnes for the whole family. We offer Acutonics (similar to acupuncture, but using specialized tuning forks instead of needles), massage therapy, osteopathic medicine, natural skin care, nutritional counseling, Bach Flower Essences, and more.

Christine Gallagher, PhD, chose to use Pure Encapsulations products after being introduced to them in San Francisco in 2011 at an Integrative Nutrition conference hosted by Dr. Andrew Weil. Supplements are a confusing realm and she regularly receives requests from people to help simplify their options.

As with any food, supplement, or lifestyle change, it is important to speak with your health care providers and also research the products personally. Dr. Gallagher is offering this company as an option among many other choices in this field. You are free to choose whatever you think is best for yourself and she highly recommends you consult with your health care providers as well. Christine is not liable for any side-effects or problems you experience with these products. Hopefully, you will enjoy Pure Encapsulations. Feel free to contact them directly with any questions as well.

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