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NSK-SD™ (Nattokinase)

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Suggested Use: 1 capsule 2 times per day, 12 hours apart, with or between meals.

NSK-SD™ (Nattokinase) - NSK-SD™ is a highly purified fibrinolytic enzyme that has demonstrated encouraging potential for supporting endogenous fibrinolytic activity and promoting healthy blood flow, circulation, and blood vessel function. Pure Encapsulations NSK- SD™ is standardized to contain a minimum of 20,000 FU (fibrinolytic units) per gram.

What Is It?

A traditional Japanese vegetable-derived cheese used for over 1,000 years, natto has been prized for both its popular taste and vascular support properties. Nattokinase, a fibrinolytic enyzme isolated from natto, helps to maintain healthy activity of the body's natural clotting and fibrinolytic processes. This enzyme has demonstrated enhanced oral fibrinolytic potential when compared with other fibrinolytic enzymes from over 200 foods.*

Uses For NSK-SD™

Supports Healthy Fibrinolytic Activity And Clotting Function: Fibrinolysis is a natural physiological process. As the body ages, however, endogenous fibrinolytic activity declines. One study suggested that nattokinase inactivates plasminogen activator inhibitor, maintaining healthy fibrinolytic activity. Nattokinase may also directly degrade fibrin in much the same way as plasmin. Furthermore, researchers from JCR Pharmaceuticals, Oklahoma State University and Miyazaki Medical College examined the effect of nattokinase from natto food consumption in 12 healthy Japanese participants. The results suggested that natto supported healthy clotting function compared to placebo.* Promotes Healthy Circulation And Blood Flow: In another study, nattokinase provided positive support for healthy circulation in animals. In an additional animal study conducted by Biotechnology Research Laboratories and JCR Pharmaceuticals of Kobe, Japan, nattokinase promoted healthy blood flow.* Maintains Blood Vessel Function: In 1995, scientists at the Miyazaki Medical College and Kurashiki University in Japan demonstrated the potential for nattokinase to support blood vessel health in human subjects.*

What Is The Source?

Natto is produced by a fermentation process when Bacillus natto (also known as Bacillus subtilis natto) is added to boiled soybeans. Nattokinase, a fibrinolytic enzyme, is isolated from natto. NSK-SD™ is a registered trademark of Japan Bio Science Laboratories.


Pure Encapsulations recommends 1-2 capsules 2 times per day, 12 hours apart, with or between meals.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Or Precautions?

This product is contraindicated for individuals with a history of bleeding tendency or with conditions associated with bleeding. If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before taking this product.

Are There Any Potential Drug Interactions?

Due to potential synergistic effects, concurrent use with anticoagulant and blood pressure medications should be closely supervised by a health professional.

Supplement Facts:
Suggested Use: 1 capsule 2 times per day, 12 hours apart, with or between meals.
each vegetable capsule contains:
nattokinase (2000 FU) (soy) 100 mg-
vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate)5 mg-
nattokinase (1000 FU) (soy)50 mg-
Other Ingredients: (hypo-allergenic plant fiber added to complete capsule volume requirement)
(-) There is no %DV or the manufactuer has not provided this data.
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